Soya Lecithin Hydrolyzed

Lesoy FH is a modified liquid Lecithin. It is enzymatically modified to give it more hyrophilic properties. Due to this modification it gets great stability in oil in water emulsion

This nature allows it to be used in cream emulsions very well. Giving better volume, softness,dough machinability in Bakery, Wafers Cones etc.

Applications & Functions

Food and feed industry

Mayonnaise, Non Dairy Creams, Instant Mixes formulas, Sauce, Bakery, Cone, Wafers etc

Due to its higher solubility in water it helps in better and faster digestion in animal, thus providing higher nutrients

Specifications/Data Sheet

Hydrolysed Liquid Lecithin(HLL)- Specifications and Data Sheet
Physical and chemical standards
Parameter Standard
Appearance Viscous liquid
Color Max 14
Moisture Max. 1%
Viscosity 80-120 Poise
Odour Typical Predominantly Soya
Acid Value Max 40 mgKOH/gm
Peroxide Value Max 5 meqO2/kg
Acetone Insoluble Min 56%
Hexane Insoluble Max 0.3 %
Toluene Insoluble Max 0.3 %
Heavy Metals(Lead and arsenic) Below detection level
Micro-Biological Standards
Total Plate Count Max 1000 CFU
Enterobacteriacae Absent/gm
Coliform Absent/gm
Yeast and Moulds Max 100
E.coli Absent/gm
Salomonella Absent
GMO content
GMO Negative

Typical Applications Bakery, Food, Cosmetics
Recommended Storage Store in a cool dry place free from rodents and insects, toxic chemicals
Shelf Life 18 months-In unopened original packing under recommended storage
Packaging MS Barrels, HDPE barrels, IBC, Flexi Tanks, ISO Tanks.
Packaging Size 200 Kgs, 240 Kgs, 800 Kgs, 1000 Kgs, 24000 Kgs