Soya Lecithin Lyso

Lesoy FL is a modified liquid Lecithin. It is enzymatically modified to convert its maximum Phospholipids content into Lyso Phospholipids.

Due to complete hydrolysis it gets excellent solubility in water. This nature makes it very suitable for animal feed and nutrition. Particularly in poultry where GI tract is very small and feed spends only two hours in it.

Lyso Lecithin provides better absorption of all nutrients and thus giving better growth and weight to poultry and Aqua.

It can be used in various animal nutrition and animal medicinal applications also.


Good source of LPC : Growth & weight enhancer.

Uniform distribution in feed : Feed Additive : Lesoy FL lysolecithin 85 contains 8 to 10% Lysophosphatidylcholine (lpc). Absorption enhancer 8 ». fat emulsifier properties of Lesoy FL increases growth rate & weight of poultry birds. Thus absorption of breakdown products i. E. Amino acids, Simple sugar, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals & other additive is optimized leading to efficient growth 8». Production performances of birds. In feed manufacturing process doc, oil, vitamins, minerals are used ,which is not uniformly distributed in each and every peliets of feed and may result high fcr rate further adding up cost. Apart from Lesoy FL also has strong emulsion properties (especially oii in water) and leads to uniform mixing of all necessary nutrients in each and every pallets. Hence resulting to better fcr & body weight.

Feed Additive:

Lesoy FL balance the ingredients in pouitry feed by giving polyunsaturated fatty acids, choline, inositol, and organic phosphorus. It contributes to correct feed homogenization and to help fat cataboiism. This leads to optimum energy efficiency and better fa rm operation Advantages of LESOY FL in feed additives 81 in compound


lm proves digestion offat and absorption of nutrients. Enhances productivity of liver and bile duct. Has unique property of increasing porosity of intestinal membrane which permits better absorption of fat globules and fat solublevitamins. Broilers feed with 2 to 3 % of Lesoy FL improves body weight and FCR. Double advantages of LESOY FL digestion & absorption enhancer: When health & feed of bird is good then its absorption of nutrients is very important. Also intestine of poultry birds has small length & less transit time, so it is important to absorb maximum nutrients in less time. Lesoy FL increases absorption of nutrients after digestion by improving the membrane permeability of lipid bilayer membrane ofsrnall intestine.


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