Soya Lecithin Granules-Original

Lesoy G is a Granular form of Soya Lecithin Powder. It is the only product in lecithin range which can be directly consumed to provide goodness and benefits of complete Phospholipids essential for body.

It is a widely used Nutritional and Dietary supplement


  • Fights Memory Loss
  • Fat Metabolism
  • Cholesterol Control
  • Liver Protection
  • Anti Aging


  • Direct Oral Consumption
  • With Salads and Dressings
  • With Milk shakes, smoothies, Protein supplements
  • Oatmeal recipes
  • Muffins and cakes

Specifications/Data Sheet

Soya Lecithin Granules - Specifications and Data Sheet
Physical and chemical standards
Parameter Standard
Appearance Light Yellow-Cream Granules
Color Cream Light Yellow to brown
Moisture 0.5%
Particle Size 2-2.5 mm
Bulk density 0.4-0.45 gm/cc
Odour Typical Predominantly Soya
Acid Value Max 30 KOH/gm
Peroxide Value Max 5 meq/kg
Acetone Insoluble Min 97%
Hexane Insoluble Max 0.3 %
Toluene Insoluble Max 0.3 %
Total ash Max 12 %
Heavy Metals(Lead and Arsenic) Below detection Level
Micro-Biological Standards
Total Plate Count Max 1000 CFU
Enterobacetriacae Absent/gm
Coliform Absent/gm
Yeast and Moulds Max 100
E.coli Absent/gm
Salomanella Absent
GMO content
GMO Negative

Typical Applications Health supplement, Nutritional Foods, Dietary supplement
Recommended Storage Store in a cool dry place free from rodents and insects, toxic chemicals. Avoid exposure to light and moisture
Shelf Life 12 months-In unopened original packing under recommended storage
Packaging Primary-Liner Bags, Secondary-Corrugated Box
Packaging Size 20 Kgs