LESUN G : Sunflower Lecithin Granules - Specifications and Data Sheet

Physical and chemical standards

Parameter Standard Testing method
Appearance Light Yellow/Brown Powder Visual
Color Cream Light Yellow to brown Visual
Moisture 0% AOCS Ja 2b-87
Particle Size 2-2.5 mm IS : 1607:1977
Bulk density 0.4-0.45 gm/cc AOCS Ba 4b-87
Odour Typical Predominantly Sunflower Organoleptic
Acid Value Max 35 KOH/gm AOCS Ja 6-55 (2009)
Peroxide Value Max 5 meq/kg AOCS Ja 8-87 (2009)
Acetone Insoluble Min 97% AOCS Ja 4-46 (2009)
Hexane Insoluble Max 0.3 % AOCS Ja 3-87 (2009)
Toluene Insoluble Max 0.3 % IS 5055:1996
Total ash Max 12 % IS : 10038:1981
Micro-Biological Standards
Total Plate Count Max 1000 CFU ISO:4833 (2003)
Enterobacetriacae Absent/gm ISO:21528 (Part 1):2004
Coliform Absent/gm IS:5887 (Part 1):1976
Yeast and Moulds Max 100 IS:5403:1999
E.coli Absent/gm IS:5887 (Part 1):1976
Salomanella Absent ISO 6579:2002 Amd 2007
GMO content
GMO Negative PCR

Typical Applications Health supplement, Nutritional Foods, Dietary supplement
Recommended Storage Store in a cool dry place free from rodents and insects, toxic chemicals. Avoid exposure to light and moisture
Shelf Life 12 months-In unopened original packing under recommended storage
Packaging Primary-Liner Bags, Secondary-Corrugated Box
Packaging Size 20 Kgs