Quality Control / R & D

Shankar Soya Group manufacturing is registered to the internationally recognized FSSC 22000 quality standard, an assurance that all our plants maintain consistently high standards. Shankar Soya Group is committed to providing its customers with superior quality products and has implemented rigorous quality system to assure this. We place strong emphasis on quality parameters suggested by our esteemed clientèle and work towards incorporating superior quality into our products and processes.

By including customers in this process, we are able to prioritize their requirements and prevent deviations. All our products are manufactured to client's specifications and undergo testing to assure conformance. Additional test verifications are included to assure compliance with unique industry and customer specifications.


Testing Facilities Available At Our Inhouse Lab
Parameter Test Method
Moisture (Karl Fischer) AOCS: Ja 2b-87
Acetone Insoluble AOCS: Ja 4-46
Peroxide Value AOCS: Ja 8-87
Acid Value AOCS: Ja 6-55
Hexane Insoluble AOCS: Ja 3-87
Color (Gardner Scale) AOCS: Ja 9-87
Appearance Visual
Viscosity (At 25°C Brookfield) AOCS: Ja 10-87
Phosphatidyl Choline AOCS: Ja 7b-91
Oil (By Difference) AOCS: Ja 4-46
Particle Size IS: 4684
Ph By Ph Meter
Total Ash IS: 1217
Testing Facilities Available At Our Inhouse Lab
Parameter Test Method
Total Plate Count SP:18 (Part-1) 1980
Coliforms SP:18 (Part-1) 1980
Yeast & Mould SP:18 (Part-1) 1980
Salmonella SP:18 (Part-1) 1980
E-Coli SP:18 (Part-1) 1980
GMO Content PCR